CCYL510 - Lactobacillus delbruekkii

CCYL510 - Lactobacillus delbruekkii

Craft Cultures

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CCYL510 Lactobacillus delbruekkii

Lactic acid bacteria producing moderate acidity and sour flavors found in Lambics, Berliner Weiss, and Sour Ales.


Craft Cultures offers a wide variety of ready-to pitch (no starter necessary) liquid yeast cultures for 5-gallon batches.  Each pitch contains approximately 2.3x1011 cells; the pitching rate is 1.0x106 cells/mL*oP. 

To ensure the highest purity and viability, we begin propagation for each order once the order is received. A two-week lead-time is appreciated so we can ensure purity and proper cell counts, so please plan accordingly. Orders placed through The Mill Homebrew Supply and Delivery will ship directly from Craft Cultures via UPS 2-day shipping. *This cost is included in single quantity purchases, but an additional Craft Culture yeast can be added to your order for only $13! Automatic discount applied in the cart.

  • Fermentation Data


  • Attenuation: 76-82%

    Flocculation: Low

    Alcohol Tolerance: Medium (5-10%)

    Fermentation Temp: 70-75°F