Hop Head Farms Glacier Pellet 1oz

Hop Head Farms Glacier Pellet 1oz

Hop Head Farms

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Blackberry, Plum, dark fruit notes with woodsy top notes of cedar.

ALPHA - 4.58%
BETA - 6.64%
CoH % - 12.40%
CoL % - 39.10%


Hop Head Farms was established in 2011 in Hickory Corners, Michigan with the goal of supplying the Midwest craft beer community with high quality Michigan hops. To meet the demand for high quality hops from the growing craft beer industry, Hop Head Farms expanded both hop farm acreage and business operations across the U.S.

Hop Head Farms is a Midwest leader in hop processing and production. We currently have over 500 acres in production and development in the Midwest, supplemented by an extensive network of European hop growers. In order to meet the demand of the expanding list of brewers that we currently serve, we continue to build a strong team. In the summer of 2016, we added a second processing facility in Berrien County, Michigan in order to double production capacity. In addition to the new facility, we will continue to grow our varietal portfolio while maintaining a strong emphasis on quality. Our mission is to continue to supply the growing the U.S hop market, and bringing classic and innovative hop varieties from all around the world.