Motorcity Malt House Chit Biscuit

Motorcity Malt House Chit Biscuit

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We are now offering Chit malt which can be used increase foam and head retention. Because of its high level of starch when used in small amounts can also be used to increase yield. Will not impact color of beer.

Established in 2014, Motorcity Malt House has been supporting brewers and distillers with 100% grown in Michigan, malted in Michigan grains. Our small batch process brings craft to the raw ingredients that are typically made in large industrial facilities. This allows the brewers to make a true local beer that cannot be found anywhere else. It establishes body, flavor and color that are unique to Michigan, and this region.

Motorcity Malt House:
• Supports local farmers by purchasing grain grown in Michigan. We never blend our
malts, and each bag of malt has the farmers name and the date the grain was malted
• Brings back a trade that has been lost to large automated factories
• Allows the local breweries to sell and market beer that is 100% made in Michigan
• Uses small batch malting techniques to bring unique flavors, colors and textures to the local Michigan brewery
• Brings freshness to malt by reducing the logistics chain of the raw ingredients. Our
malt travels as grain from a local farm, to the malt house in Shelby Township, and
stored on site. As compared to grain grown in Canada, malted in the Western United
States, stored in a Midwestern warehouse, trucked to a distribution center, and then
delivered to the brewer.