Wakatu™ (NZ) Hop Pellets 1 oz

Wakatu™ (NZ) Hop Pellets 1 oz


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Origin: New Zealand. Initially released in 1988 as New Zealand Hallertau, Wakatu™ was renamed in 2011 after the Maori name for Nelson. It was bred from an open pollination of Hallertau Mittelfrüh by a New Zealand-derived male. 

Usage: Aroma. With a pronounced earthy-sweet floral Hallertau character underscored by tropical fruit notes, Wakatu™ is a standout for any lager style, wheat, or pale hybrid beers. It makes a good supporting hop in blends for hoppy American ales. 

Aroma & Flavor Characteristics: Moderately intense. Fresh lime zest and citrus oils with a definite Mittelfrüh-style sweetness: clover, hay, honey, and blossoms. 

To preserve freshness, all BSG HandCraft hops are packaged in nitrogen-flushed, oxygen- and light-barrier foil packages.