Weyermann® Barke® Pilsner Malt

Weyermann® Barke® Pilsner Malt

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Weyermann® Barke® Pilsner malt is perfect for creating authentic lager style beers. It enhances body and mouthfeel substantially in the finished beer, while imparting intense malt aromas. What also sets Barke® Pilsner malt apart is it’s excellent process characteristics in the brew-house and during filtration, coupled with increased extract efficiency.

Suitable for Pilsners, Bavarian Helles, Lagers of various styles and “Kellerbier”.

Color °L 1.4-2.1
Moisture % Max 5.0
Protein Total 9.5-11.5
Extract FG Min 80.5
Usage Rate Up to 100%