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Life of the Party

Looking for the perfect way to treat your family or devoted team for the holiday? There's no better place to take them than Michigan's famous Christmas town. Frankenmuth, Michigan boasts the world's largest Christmas store and is donned with decorations and events that make it the perfect place to visit this time of year. Even better, there's plenty of craft beer for you. Frankenmuth Brewery, America's oldest microbrewery, is hosting a special holiday menu to treat you and your group to a lovely dinner with stunning views overlooking the Cass River. Make your reservation today to experience over 150 years of brewing tradition immersed in the spirit of Christmas!

Image of A Rising Tide Volume I from Michigan Brewers Guild
Red capper device used to crimp caps to standard bottle for homebrewing

The Red Head Capper (Emily) is a tried-and-true capper that is intuitive and easy-to-use. The bell housing has a magnet to hold the crowns in place making quick work of capping your bottles. 

Made of durable nylon plastic and metal.

$16.99 / ea
Standard amber longneck 12 ounce bottle for homebrewing

Standard amber longneck case of bottles, perfect for bottling and sharing your own homebrew creations. These bottles can easily be labeled and crowned for submissions for competitions or building your own six-pack to take to the holiday party.

$16.99 / cs
Silver crown bottle caps for bottling homebrews

Brushed silver crown caps with a special, oxygen absorbing lining to limit oxidation. Easy crimping. Packaged for bottling two cases of homebrew with your standard 12oz bottles.

$1.99 / 50 ct

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