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Historical news image of the end of prohibition
Celebrate Repeal Day!

Is there a better way to celebrate the end of prohibition than enjoying your own home brewed libation? Fire up the kettle, if you dare, to give the Eighteenth Amendment the middle finger! No time to brew today? At least check out Brewers Publications Repeal Day Flash Sale, taking 25% off more than 45 books TODAY ONLY. Find books spanning history and the dynamic industry of brewing to embrace how far we've come since 1933. 

Using your burner to deep fry your Thanksgiving turkey is a great way to add moisture and flavor to the traditional holiday staple.
Homebrewer bottling beer with capper
Life of the Party

BYOB isn't a problem for you, is it!? The only problem is which ones to bring...and do you really want to share? Make your own mixed packs for the holiday party or bring your own growler of your most recent brew! There is still time for get in another brew day this weekend to have something fresh for the party. Should you bring something everyone will love, or something no one will try to mooch? We suggest you bring what you love to drink! Check out AHA Recipes for some holiday homebrew inspiration, or check out The Mill's all grain favorites for a quick decision.

Briess Caramel 80L Malts for homebrewing beer

Made with 2-row barley. It imparts red to deep red color, and moderate flavors of burnt-sugar and raisin. Crystal malts also add body and improve head retention. Usage is progressive, to impart color and raisiny flavor to darker ales, stouts, and porters.

$0.12 / oz
Hop pellets available in 1 ounce bags for ease of use and measurement.

Willamette can be incorporated into many styles thanks to its moderate alpha and mellow disposition. English ales are a natural fit, but it also does well in many American and European ale styles as well.

$2.29 / oz

Traditionally used for English-style ales including milds, bitters, porters, and stouts. Residual sweetness accentuates malt character along with mild fruity esters.

$9.99 / ea

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